Top 10 Cursed Items On eBay

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Top 10 Cursed Items On eBay
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So I’ve actually never bought anything off eBay, i’m more of an amazon person myself but I was actually surprised at the amount of weird creepy things that people sell on eBay. People are out here selling haunted items they’re selling cursed items at astronomical prices and people are out there buying them. So i reckon we join these crazies and see what we can buy. These are the top 10 Cursed Items On eBay.

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Cursed Items On eBay

  1. Yeah, plushies and dolls in my general experience 9 out of 10 cursed/haunted items. I’m happy to see Walgreens isn’t the only place where I have to sell any cursed/haunted toys at.

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