Top 10 iPhone 11 Rumors You Need To Know

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Top 10 iPhone 11 Rumors You Need To Know
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The iPhone 11, iPhone XI, iPhone XT or whatever apple is going to be calling their next generation iPhone might have been leaked. The iPhone might have went from 2 camera to 3 camera, is it going to be like this, or like this apple might even put the iPhone camera right in the middle of there phone something they have never done before. Will the iPhone get bigger, finally become waterproof and will the iPhone finally become fully waterproof? Well I have a ton of insider information leaks, and rumors you should get very excited about.

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15 thoughts on “Top 10 iPhone 11 Rumors You Need To Know

    1. I think that this is not your thing i am a tech enthusiast and i know all about the new iphone u should watch front page tech for the latest iphone news

  1. I just don’t understand madness about Apple products
    Just overhyped product , after death of Steve Jobs they are just encashing previous brand value 🙄

  2. Apple, the company that adds old features and calls them “New!”

    Face ID, Old Feature, on my two other android phones that i’ve owned since 2015.

  3. “Make waterproof” what??? Since the iPhone 7 it’s been waterproof apparently but ik for sure the iPhone 8 water proof feature is working

  4. MostAmazingTop10 is an amazing channel for real now i`m motivated to make top 10 videos my bros and sisters i would love some support/feedback so please hit subscribe and check it out

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