10 Foods You Didn’t Know Could Get You High

We all know the dangers of drugs such as cocaine, heroin or LSD but did you know there could also be narcotic dangers lurking in your weekly grocery shop?

Alltime 10s brings you 10 foods that you maybe didn’t realise can have a powerful impact on your perception of reality.

What did you think of 10 Foods You Didn’t Know Could Get You High? Let us know in the comments.

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10 thoughts on “10 Foods You Didn’t Know Could Get You High

  1. you dont see people ODing on mushrooms. You need to eat a very very large
    and unlikely amount of psilocybin mushrooms to overdose/reach the ld50.
    They can be dangerous in stupid/inexperienced hands when you dont know what
    you are getting into. Research before you try psychedelics and dont listen
    to uneducated people who say its bad/dangerous. As long as your smart and
    safe mushrooms are a beautiful thing.

  2. I saw another video exactly the same but another order. They stole the
    video and make money out of it. Should be copyrighted lol copycats

  3. You need waaaay more than 40 grams of poppy seeds to get high, more like 6
    kilograms (about 13 pounds) and nobody eats that many in one go, but a
    drugtest can be positive with 40 grams though 😊

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