• April 29, 2022

T Grams – Digital Scales Simulator

free digital scales app

T Grams – Digital Scales Simulator

A free Tool app. It’s easy to download and install to your mobile phone.

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T Grams – Digital Scales Simulator App is for home or personal use only.

T Grams allows you to use the tilt sensors in your mobile phone to estimate the weight of objects like a pivot balance scale.

If calibrated correctly, the weight measurements can be comparable to a real working digital scale.

You can NOT weigh objects simply by placing the objects on the screen, the weight must cause a change in tilt of the device to work….. So simply place your phone on a tiltable surface or curved surface to allow the device to tilt after weight is placed on or near it. It will not work if the phone is on a fixed flat surface!

Multiple units (MG, Grams, Ounces and Pounds)
Calibrate unlimited number of times
Speech and on screen instructions will guide you through calibration process
Simple minimal user interface
Good level of accuracy

Balance your phone on something like:
A make shift see-saw
Packet of crisp
Large soft bouncy pillow

We can not guarantee accuracy of results, as it is dependent on your phone, whether your sensors are calibrated correctly and how you balance your phone.
Use a calibration weight close to the weight of the object you want to weigh.
This digital scales app may not work with all devices but it wont cost you anything to try it 🙂

Digital Scale App Screenshots

Download Free T Grams Scales App For Android

Simple press the Download button below on your Android phone / tablet. It will then download the apk file to your device. Just follow the onscreen instructions. Make sure you allow installation of third party apps, its perfectly safe and our app is scanned using AVG before uploading to server.

download scales app apk

Alternate Third Party Download Links

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