10 Ways Global Warming Is Already Killing You

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Floods, Wildfires… ‘Zombie Anthrax’?! If you thought it was just your Grandkids who’d have to deal with the effects of climate change, have we got news for you. Here’s 10 Ways Global Warming is Already Killing You.

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10 thoughts on “10 Ways Global Warming Is Already Killing You

  1. global warming is real but there’s no helping it. if we go 100% clean worldwide it wouldn’t help at this point. the world always changes and will continue to do so no matter what. so quit bitching about it.

  2. Global warming is real it is the natural cycle of the earth icemelt and then we go back through a freeze what makes y’all think this man and $3 trillion a year on the Paris accord will help that when China is able to open up a new coal mine every week do y’all research open your eyes

  3. hahahahaha yeah sure it is 😛 10 Is complete bs tho..i may not live in other parts of the world but where I’m at the temperature never changes…i love in Texas and the area I’m in every summer has always had a temperature range of 80 to 115 for the past 17 years 🙂 which is how I know what u and others who believe in is complete bullshit

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