Top 10 Digimon Villains

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Whenever our favorite digi-destined are trying to save the world, these evil viruses and scumbags are usually there to get in the way. For this list we’re looking at all digimon series, including the original digital Monsters, adventure, Tri, Savers, Tamers, Appli-Mon, Fusion, Xros, The Movie, and many more to find which of these dastardly digimon gave our heroes the most trouble. Will favorites like Piedmon, Ken Ichijou the Digimon Emperor, Lilithmon, Machindramon, Etemon, Cherubimon, Diaboromon, and more appear? Only one way to find out.

00:38 #10. Dr Kurata & Belphemon
01:19 #9. The D-Reaper
02:04 #8. Bagramon
02:49 #7. Black WarGreymon
03:28 #6. Devimon
04:16 #5. Lucemon
05:01 #4. Beelzemon
05:48 #3, #2, #1: ???

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