• January 26, 2017

10 Actors Who Hated Their Own Movie

Welcome to Top10Archive! It’s always a shame to work so hard on something, put in countless hours of work only to wind up completely hating it. Imagine it being something that’s immortalized forever in film. Something that you’re constantly reminded of because people keep… well… putting it on lists like this. For the following ten actors and actresses, this installment brings facepalms – dredging up the movies in their filmography that they blatantly hated.

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10. Katherine Heigl – (Knocked Up)
9. Bob Hoskins – (Super Mario Bros.)
8. Bill Murray – (Ghostbusters 2)
7. Christopher Plummer – (Sound of Music)
6. Channing Tatum – (G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra)
5. Michelle Pfeiffer – (Grease 2)
4. Halle Berry – (Catwoman)
3. Robert Pattinson – (Twilight)
2. George Clooney – (Batman & Robin)
1. Arnold Schwarzenegger – (Red Sonja)



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14 thoughts on “10 Actors Who Hated Their Own Movie

  1. Red Sonja was nowhere near as bad as hid Mr Freeze in Batman and robin.
    Murray was the onky one keeping dan akroyd from making the ghost busters 3
    they almost made. I know this because when I asked him for a pic and a
    signature on my skull vodka I asked if they were making it

  2. Alec Guiness (Obi Wan) supposedly was inexplicably bitter about being in
    the Star Wars franchise and was infamous for being an incredibly rude and
    hostile asshole to fans who approached him about it.

    Bill Cosby trashed Leonard Part 6 pretty thoroughly when it came out and
    told fans not to see it. I guess it didn’t have enough drug-rapes in it for
    him or something.

    According to Arnold Schwarzenegger in his autobiography he thought he was
    only going to do a cameo in Red Sonya and only agreed to that as a favor to
    the director, but once filming started he found himself shooting far more
    scenes than he had agreed to.

    While I don’t know if he ever publicly trashed it himself Roy Scheider
    never wanted to do Jaws 2 and only agreed to it under the condition that
    the studio would release him from his contract with them afterwards.

    BTW I loved Pixels!

    1. I think Sonic is referring to the movie Zombieland, where Bill Murray was
      shot in the chest and died.. and when asked “What his biggest regret was?”,
      he said “I don’t know.. Garfield?” They broke the 4th wall and it turned
      out to be a hilarious scene. :p

  3. Huh, I never actually paid attention to Red Sonja. When it was on tv, I
    would just absent-mindedly watch it, but I always assumed Arnold was
    playing Conan. Confused!

  4. I actually enjoyed the gi joe movie but then agian i never watched the
    cartoon when i grew up so cant arelly speak for those who did, i enjoyed
    the catwoman movie to it was far from the best comic movie but it was

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