• April 29, 2017


Welcome to Top10Archive! Hello YouTube, Jim here! There are hidden fragments of history scattered throughout the world, encompassed in the gravesites of ancient civilizations long past. While many likely remain a mystery and veiled from modern curiosity, there are those that have been excavated, uncovered, and defiled for public interest. These ten historic tombs and collections of ossuaries are fascinating bits of yesteryear, open to satiate public inquisitiveness.

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10. Qutub Shahi Tombs
9. The Vatican Necropolis
8. Westminster Abbey
7. Catacombe dei Cappuccini
6. The Giza Necropolis
5. The Ming Tombs
4. Tombs of the Kings
3. The Valley of the Kings – Luxor, Egypt
2. The Valley of the Queens – Luxor, Egypt
1. Taj Mahal

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