• September 2, 2017

10 Apocalypses That We Survived

We all love watching movies where mankind gets wiped out by asteroids or volcanos. But in reality, humanity has survived its fair share of world ending cataclysms. From murderous plagues to world shaking earthquakes, here are 10 Apocalypses That We Survived.

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10 thoughts on “10 Apocalypses That We Survived

  1. I find that the average for peace and happiness for all things for all cosmos is too low.
    You feel the pressure and pressure of examinations, studies, work, love, marriage or childbirth … etc
    You have to thank life because you do not have to encounter accidents such as traffic accidents, illness, loss of relatives, lost work, death … vvv
    You still have to thank for the world is still peace and no end of the world, peace of mind to wait when mankind attained type 3, humanity will save you.
    You still have to thank that your earth has terrorism, poverty, catastrophe, etc … (for me, that’s the only thing that has threatened the survival of human beings and the heavy damage). Luckily we do not have to live and humanity does not have to compete with other cleavers like dwarfs, orc, elves, chaos, vampires … etc or any fictitious fictional world where magic Or relative things like extreme powers, superheroes, legendary dragons, pokemon … etc are stronger and more resistant to guns of humans, or aliens are rare in the universe immense, because human In this world and universe (cosmopolitan theory) there is no need to worry about the fictitious enemy so the humanity in this universe is free to imagine and fictitiously make films for fishermen. i world of entertainment and laugh us out of the pain of other universes.
    You still have to thank me for …… how irritated I am in any of the multiverse, where is the place of the problem and the suffering (as if the existence of humanity is extremely fragile though Not fighting anyone and itching to fight each other cause World War 1 and 2 and then manually destroying the environment) are most scary if the universe is the safest place (probably other universe) It is a place to torture me, not a place to live.
    There are only two basic sexes that also discriminate on the basis of gender.
    Only basic race (same human race) but also racial.
    And many kinds of discrimination and fundamental prejudice are absurd.
    If so then I do not live in a world with small universe but many intelligent creatures in and out of earth (if there is a non-human race, the problem is more complicated) The X and Y chromosomes, then adding two more sex chromosomes Z and W, then having more sex or other characteristics is even more annoying home and more annoying me as the enemy through If other gods force me to live in this imaginary world, then I would be extremely upset and feel more tortured than alive, although there are many things in there. Or cough like riding a flying dragon, making military fortune 500 years ago like flying boats, steam tanks … vvv.
    I like this video because humanity should not be subjected to a catastrophic disaster.
    I dislike this video because there are two possibilities.
    1 is humanity is too weak and vulnerable.
    2 is a video that seriously aggravated the problem.

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