• February 9, 2017

10 Big YouTubers That Died Too Soon

Welcome to Top10Archive! YouTube is like any social media site, and with any social media site, there is a community. The more you get sucked into it, the more you find yourself making friends, finding idols, and frequently enjoying another’s work. That level of connection, however, can be severed by the sad reality that life isn’t permanent. For this somber Archive, we’re honoring the ten biggest YouTube stars and starlets that were tragically ripped from the community they helped build.

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10. Daniel Kyre
9. Myk Friedman
8. Kitty0706
7. Jam Sebastian
6. Yoteslaya
5. Edd Gould
4. Connie Kin (WhatsUpMoms)
3. Talia Castellano
2. Caleb Logan Bratayley
1. Christine Grimmie


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10 thoughts on “10 Big YouTubers That Died Too Soon

  1. I’m kinda annoyed about Christina grimme is number one like she was the
    most famous of bunch but why is she always highest

  2. wow the young girl with cancer was beautiful inspiring and so positive I
    can’t believe we haven’t beaten cancer as a species yet kids be thankful
    and be strong learn from her

  3. You forgot to mention about Grimmie’s death that it was overshadowed by a
    certain botchmania known as the Orlando Law Enforcement Massacre On an
    Innocent Martyr® just 24 hours later……

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