• April 22, 2019

10 Biggest Unanswered Questions In Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is one of the biggest cultural phenomenons of all time. It’s final season is here at last, but there are still plenty of questions we don’t know the answers to… These are 10 Biggest Unanswered Questions

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13 thoughts on “10 Biggest Unanswered Questions In Game of Thrones

    1. +kristopher barker Doubt it. George RR is the kinda guy who believes in the philosophy for sacrifice for the greater good. It can’t all be in vain

  1. I don’t think they will say who the night king is, I think it will be left as it is a mystery. The night kings after baby Sam his “son” that will be the big twist at the end. The whites came after everyone when Sam and the girl took the baby away back in season 1 or 2.

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