10 Butterfly Effects That Completely Changed The World

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This video was a collaboration with our good friend Cody from Alternate History Hub. If you enjoyed this video and want to learn more about history that could have been, head on over to his channel!

Have you ever heard the idea that a butterfly flapping its wings could cause a hurricane halfway around the world? From World War I to the Berlin Wall, we’ve found 10 world changing events that happened because of the tiniest details.

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11 thoughts on “10 Butterfly Effects That Completely Changed The World

  1. 1. Watch this video
    2. Go to school, work or anywhere
    3. Meet your crush
    4. Talk with him/her about something you saw in this video
    5. Go out with this person
    6. You are in love
    7. You get married
    8. Your child is born
    9. Your child is really radical
    10. Your child becomes a politician
    11. Your child becomes a president
    12. Your child causes WW3
    13. Nuclear bombs dropping everywhere
    14. Milions of people die
    15. World is on the edge because almost whole world is covered in radioactive dust
    16. People find a new planet outside of our solar system because we need to leave Earth
    17. Milions of people fly to this new planet
    18. People start new life on new Earth
    19. Someone makes a new Youtube
    20. Your great grandson sees a video about butterfly effect
    21. He’s talking with his crush about this video and everything repeats

  2. I don’t think that first one really was a butterfly effect. The bomb had been developed at that point and Truman was likely to drop it regardless of a mistranslation. The USA was going to lose a lot of soldiers by invading the country, so I think Truman decided on that option not so much due to a mistranslation. That mistranslation likely gave Truman zero pretense that Japan’s opinion mattered anymore.

  3. I have a very interesting butterfly story myself. Cause when I moved out of my old apartment looking for a new one I originally had one but couldn’t move in because of personal problems so I moved into a different one. There I fell in love with my neighbour and we ended up having a child. I often think about it if I actually moved into the original apartment how different my life may look like right now. And my son would have never been born. So think about it every tiny decision could change your life forever.

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