• April 13, 2017

10 Cartoons You Shouldn’t Show To Kids

Is Spongebob destroying children’s brains? Can Pokémon cause seizures? Is Ren & Stimpy too disgusting for kids? Find out by joining Alltime10s as we look at ‘10 Cartoons You Shouldn’t Show To Children’.

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Sneaky Scoundrel by David Tobin/Jeff Meegan/Julian Gallant, Cover Up by Igor Dvorkin/Duncan Pittock/Ellie Kidd, Patiently by Paul Mottram.

15 thoughts on “10 Cartoons You Shouldn’t Show To Kids

    1. watch shin chan and Spongebob squarepants when i still pure and innocent i don’t even get their adult joke thought for some reason i think its really creepy even thought i don’t understand anything about it at that time.

      now Spongebob squarepants is banned at Indonesia due to its inappropiate content while Shin Chan only Aired on Sunday with the scene where shin show his butts always Censore.

    2. Alltime10s btw shin chan is still running in India, i watch it everyday and love it. and as a shin chan fan, his actual name is shinosuke nohara

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