• January 14, 2019

10 Commercials That Were Ripped Off The Air

Controversial commercials are always a hot topic when they come around. We love to laugh at them, we love to be outraged by them, and we love to remember them years later. These are 10 Commercials That Were Ripped Off The Air!

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13 thoughts on “10 Commercials That Were Ripped Off The Air

  1. People get offended for anything today. You could make a commercial about a toothpaste. It’s a still image of a tube of toothpaste, with a caption “THIS IS TOOTHPASTE” beneath it. And people will be triggered because “what if it doesn’t identify as toothpaste? What if it identifies as an attack helicopter?” and “This offends me because I identify as toothpaste and the toothpaste doesn’t look like me”.

  2. there are far too many people with way too much time on their hands and way too many do gooders to see the humour in all these adds most of them. loved the tango add was a huge hit in the uk. x

  3. Does anyone remember that ketchup commercial where a teen girl is about to give her boyfriend a hand job, and she’s like, “I don’t know how to do it,” and the boyfriend responds “think of it like a bottle of ketchup,” and then the girl slaps his dick.

  4. So… it only takes 160 to 300 complaints out of 66 million people in the UK to get an ad banned? Damn, y’all are tetchy over there. Never claim that Americans are overly PC ever again, okay?

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