• February 9, 2019

10 Companies That Ripped You Off

Have you ever sat and wondered if you’re paying too much for something? We’ve all felt like we’re being conned, but here are some examples when you genuinely may have been. These are 10 Companies That Ripped You Off!

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15 thoughts on “10 Companies That Ripped You Off

    1. You pay extra for premium fuel because of the fuels improved tendency to ignite. What this does is maintain good engine health for a longer period of time. Thats the purpose of the fuel, hence the more expensive price.

    2. On the gas thing this really depends on the engine as well. Some Americans have supercharged or turbo charged vehicles those do have an impact compare to a regular car with neither.

  1. Apple own Beats by Dre so I think they should be swapped around on list to having apple ranking higher because it’s apple the pockets the cash from people buying the headphones lol

  2. When you put in the wrong kind of gas into your car you’re also potentially damaging the engine by burning fuel at a higher octane than the engine is designed to burn. If it says 87 that’s a blessing because why would you want to buy the most expensive gas?

  3. Dont know why people hate so much on ryanair. just go to the toilet and drink before the flight, most people should also be able to survive for 2 hrs without food.

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