• June 18, 2017

10 Countries That Won’t Exist In 100 Years

Country boundaries and spheres of power have shifted a lot over the last few centuries. So how might they changed in the next? Alltime 10s bring you 10 countries that could possibly be approaching their sell-by dates.

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10 thoughts on “10 Countries That Won’t Exist In 100 Years

  1. PFFFF wow the netherlands really? The netherlands have leaned from 1953 and from that moment on developed the best dykes and water defence systems in the world, wich are sold worldwide today. The Delta Works being one of them. Aside from that de dutch are world leaders in creating dry land. We may be a tiny weak country to some but WATER IS OUR BITCH

  2. Way less Texans and Californians want to break away. WTF!?

    C’mon Britain. You guys have the BBC, one of the most reliable sources out there. What happened?

  3. Jew lies in comment sections. Jews know two things very well
    First is bussines (with cheat)
    Second is lie.
    They say palastanians are invaders. LOL

  4. Puerto Rico is probably part of America and I’m from Puerto Rico no my country will go In 100 years my lil island 😭😭😭

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