• July 3, 2019

10 Craziest Things Seized At Border Control

We’ve all heard crazy stories from Border Control, but these people have really taken it to a whole new level… From smuggling animals and illegal substances, to literally sewing yourself into a car seat, these are 10 Craziest Things Seized At Border Control!

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11 thoughts on “10 Craziest Things Seized At Border Control

  1. 참 비행기를 그렇게 몰래 태우거나 들어갈려 작정했네 세상은 참 재미가 있어서 흥미력이 있다 그런데 요즘 노잼이된 우리나라만 빼고

  2. Cheap smokes? Roll your own. Doing it this way in Washington state enables me to puff away all month for about one-sixth the price of ready-made packs ($50 versus over $300).

  3. The border should be very secure. This is a country we have laws and innocent people who need to be protected. Laws should be respected and followed. You can’t break into a country and expect everything for free.

    1. I agree, but trump is doing this for his ego. I mean look who’s paying for the wall??? One of the biggest lies in history. I have nothing against border security, but trump lieing mouth isn’t the answer.

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