• February 8, 2017

10 Dark Secrets Brands Don’t Want You To Know

It’s a brand’s business making sure you get a warm, fuzzy feeling like when you crack open an ice cold Coke. So it should come as no surprise the lengths they go to protect their image.

From computer giants IBM to the cuddly charity Kids Wish Network, there is a lot that brands are trying to keep from you.

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11 thoughts on “10 Dark Secrets Brands Don’t Want You To Know

  1. I’ve legitly seen a kid with ALL of his teeth taken out because DAILY
    Oh yeah, and I can’t stop drinking that bullshit.
    yeah, on tv.

  2. You can try bitching to your government to do something or you can take
    control yourself and vote the only way you can…with your wallet. Dont
    like bayer or coke, dont buy their stuff. If enough people cause enough
    economic trouble for a corp. they will respond. Thats about the only way
    though. My hatred is for nestle, who fervently believe that water is not a
    right and you should have to pay them for it.

  3. I also remember that one of Coke Cola’s old Coke recipes contained items
    used to make gasoline. The two compounds used were harmless by themselves,
    but when they were mixed in with the concoction it could be poisonous if
    too much is consumed.

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