• September 29, 2017

10 Disturbing Origin Stories Behind Your Favorite Companies

We all have secrets we’d rather not led the world know, but when you’re a multi billion dollar company, there tends to be a lot more at stake.

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14 thoughts on “10 Disturbing Origin Stories Behind Your Favorite Companies

    1. Not every communist nation is USSR.. ffs, East Germany (similar to Poland, Albania & Romania) might’ve been USSR-s puppet, but it WAS NOT part of it. I mean USSR is worse than nazis were, but be accurate- or in case this was misunderstanding, make sure your facts have important parts included so that this wont happen!

  1. Listen, everyone in the UK naturally say it as Nike that’s it stop complaining we get it’s an American company but it’s just the way the people pronounce it over here. It’s only a brand name why are you creating such a big deal as long as you know what they mean then why cause a big fuss.

  2. Yakuza is a number (896 or something). It’s the worst possible hand in a traditional Jappanese card game. It’s means you were delt a bad hand in life which is why you’re in the gang.

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