10 Dumbest Inventions That Made Millions

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Not all inventions can improve the world, and these ones certainly didn’t! So from your very own Pet Rock, to goggles for your dog, here’s 10 Dumbest Inventions That Made Millions.

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11 thoughts on “10 Dumbest Inventions That Made Millions

  1. What about inflatable dumbells?
    They are practical to carry with you and when you want a so called workout you just inflate them.
    Deflate them and put them in a small box. Just an incredibly useless idea that i came up with.

  2. Fidget spinners should NOT be on this list, and neither should Snuggies. They were both made specifically for people with disabilities, but have to be marketed to able-bodied people in order to survive. Fidget spinners are made for people with attention disorders as well as anxiety, and Snuggies are made for people in wheelchairs. It’s bloody difficult to get a coat on & off someone in a wheelchair, which is what makes the Snuggie so useful.

  3. i saw this top 10 same as other top 10 but with a different name but the same 10 things. make ne feel they are just coppying other youtube channels

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