10 EASY Magic Tricks To Impress Your Friends

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Think magic is only for the professionals? Celebrity Magician Murray SawChuck shows us how to perform 10 easy magic tricks that we can all learn at home! Impressing your friends has never been this easy. Be sure to catch Murray on his own channel!

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13 thoughts on “10 EASY Magic Tricks To Impress Your Friends

  1. Attention! The “Reveal” video on Murray’s channel will be available at 11am
    PST! (In just a few hours). We got our time zones mixed up.. Apologize for
    the inconvenience!

    1. Sorry about that! Give it about 6 hours and it will be available.. Murray
      is uploading his video at 11am PST.. We upload at 8am EST. I accidentally
      added 3 hours instead of subtracted.. xD No idea what I was thinking.. haha.

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