• June 7, 2019

10 Facts You Never Knew About Death Row

People love being morbidly curious about life on Death Row, so here we are! Here are 10 Facts You Never Knew About Death Row!

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15 thoughts on “10 Facts You Never Knew About Death Row

    1. That so much money is wasted on appeals.

      The system should be streamlined. One appeal. If they are found guilty on appeal, 48 hours later Old Sparky gets fired up!

    2. What surprised me most was lethal injection being the humane method given the ingredients in them cause unspeakable pain in prisoners and it is often hard to find a viable vein to use. John Oliver did a segment on lethal injection being torturous and is in no way humane by any stretch. I was waiting for you to mention that lethal injection doesn’t work as it would have made a logical entry given that a lot of people think it does work.

  1. Ive been to prison and i feel death is easier than a lifetime in prison. But heres the catch… If they’re sentenced to “death row” dont kill em but make them live in death row conditions. A life sentence in general population isnt a good enough punishment for very cruel crimes. Basically what im saying is instead of killing them send the worst of the worst to a “special” death row type prison away from general population and there more laxed rules and staff. The serial killers and such need to all go to prison but not normal prison. A prison designed for those that would be sentenced to death if it wasnt too easy a punishment so special prisons need put in place for those that would be killed if it wasnt too light a punishment on these inmates. Death is quick but life in the hardest prison there is , is real punishment

  2. “… has seen more and more states relying on the firing squad method.” This is a bit of a stretch, as a “quick & dirty” check with Wikipedia (which may or may not be completely accurate, as we all know), this method has been used three times since 1960 in the US, all three times in Utah, most famously involving Gary Gilmore decades ago. The implication that it is becoming more widespread is pretty far removed from reality, but hey – it’s got a nice melodramatic tone to it.

  3. If the unfortunate thing happened where I was jailed, and ended up on death row. And I knew I was guilty of said crime. I’d go fuck it. Just kill me already. If I knew I was guilty, being dead, would be better then be trapped in a small confided space against my will with no chance ever getting out alive along aside other locked up guilty violent assholes.

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