• September 14, 2018

10 Famous Paranormal Events Debunked

From alien sighting to a family of alien-looking blue people. These famous paranormal events have long been unsolved mysteries… Until now!

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15 thoughts on “10 Famous Paranormal Events Debunked

  1. Not saying number 3 and 4 are definitely something alien or whatever, but someone that wasn’t there has an opinion on what happened and no proof of what it might have been or not, so that debunks the events and makes what they say fact. Sounds legit

  2. Umm many of these are not debunked at all,That’s like saying that one person’s opinion and study’s are false because I think differently we have yet to even figure out why we dream.

  3. #1 is true… I’ve lived in an evil house in the 70’s… a lot folks who buy houses built in the early 20th century and report hauntings and etc. Is due the craze in the rich folks board games, yes I’m talking about the ouija boards. The Defoes probably play the game and its was later that other guy dabbled into tarot cards. My parents old house burnt to the ground after we got out due to fire also…. we later found out that an ouija board cardtable was in my parent’s attic… that house was built in the 1900’s 🙄👻

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