• August 19, 2018

10 Famous Scientific Theories Proved Wrong

Scientific theories that make the news headlines don’t always turn out to be proved true…

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15 thoughts on “10 Famous Scientific Theories Proved Wrong

    1. Alltime10s Flat Earth,not Vaccines cause autism.

      Vaccine CAUSES autism and it’s real.Even your channel is not a fact.You approve for the government agencies,not reality and truth.

    2. Children which receieved the MMR-vaccin show increased amounts of autism, most notably in males and non-white children.

      Only concrete, objective, factual information matters.

  1. (*read in sarcastic tone*)
    Of course #10 is false. Anti-vaxxers always forget that their own parents had the common sense to vaccinate them. These antis clearly got autism from those vaccines.

    I mean, why else would a parent willingly let their child suffer and possibly die from a preventable disease?

  2. Of course all vaccines are 100% perfectly safe in every single way, and that’s why we literally have actual “Vaccine-Courts” for the many people who have been seriously and permanently damaged by vaccines. You know, the manufactures of certain vaccines have to pay out billions in damages/compensation to many thousands of people who were made very sick and permanently damaged by these 100% safe vaccines. It’s perfectly okay to inject multiple different types of vaccines with many toxic chemicals into the bodies of babies who’s immune systems are only beginning to form, sure what could possibly go wrong eh? Of course they are 100% safe, the existence of the “Vaccine-Courts” obviously prove that! Last time I checked all pharmaceutical drugs are totally safe and nobody has ever died or had any negative ramifications from any big-pharma drugs, not one. (apart from the hundreds of thousands of dead people who died from prescribed drugs)…but don’t mind that minute little FACT. It’s all perfectly safe, there is nothing to worry about.

  3. I love seeing videos where people go on record saying “Vaccines do not cause [blank], and it has been scientifically proven that they don’t.” We are seeing the anti-vaccine movement spill over into veterinary medicine now, with people, some even veterinarians, saying that the standard 1 ml vaccine given is too high a dosage. Never mind that it is given subcutaneously, and if therefore absorbed the slowest into the body. Vaccine reactions happen, but are mostly dermatological allergic reactions. In rare cases, seizures can occur, in which case we would no longer give that particular dog that particular vaccine. But is vaccinating regularly safer than letting it go and your dog getting parvo virus, the cat getting FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus)? I think not.

  4. Mmr vaccine actually does cause autism though.
    Just because the pharmaceutical companies flood the internet with false reports…shouldn’t take away from the real cases.
    I experienced it w my son.
    My daughters teacher has 3 kids w autism…autism they didnt have until the mmr vaccine.
    Thats not a joke. Especially when different parents are involved.
    Get one vaccine at a time. No matter what.

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