• October 11, 2016

10 Genius Ways To Cheat In Exams

Exams are hard, right? All that studying, making notes, trying to remember equations. If only there were a simpler way… Well, according to these savvy students, there is.

Alltime10s brings you 10 tales of exam candidates bending the rules and setting up elaborate schemes to help them pass their tests, from hiring imposters to using secret cameras.

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11 thoughts on “10 Genius Ways To Cheat In Exams

  1. last year, I was doing a general maths assessment in class but it was over
    2 different days. normally we’d go home and Google the mark scheme using
    the dates etc on the paper but our school were wise to it and added a blank
    cover sheet to dissuade us. we ended up leaving the class repeating “Jane
    wants to plant a tree in the garden” and googling the mark scheme anyway.
    We done rather well that test.

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