• December 2, 2017

10 Greatest Star Wars Fan Theories

There’s nothing Star Wars fans love more than a theory, and with the Last Jedi just around the corner, what better time to round up the greatest ones? Here’s 10 Star Wars Fan Theories.

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16 thoughts on “10 Greatest Star Wars Fan Theories

  1. While I hate jar jar with a passion I so very want him to be sith. Like I would be happy with the whole thing and tip the scales when it came to becoming a mega fan. Right now I’ve seen the movies and all that but just casually. Jar jar being evil would reel it all back in man. That’s the missing link there. It would turn the Phantom Menace into a work of art.

  2. #3 Is all mine. Been saying it since Episode 7. Rey isn’t a clone of Luke Skywalker. She’s a clone of ANAKIN SKYWALKER. Oh, and Snoke is an AI of some sort.

  3. Something I just thought of, but is it ever mentioned in TFA that Kylo was the “young Jedi” who destroyed the new Jedi Temple and Order? Could it be that Rey was abandoned after (in an uncontrolled force rage) she unwittingly destroyed everything?

  4. These are the worst and most unbelievable fan theories, how about this one when Luke says “ived only seen that kind of power once before, and it didn’t scare me then but it does now” it is theorized that he’s referring to Palpatine and that rey could be a decedent of him.

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