• September 22, 2018

10 Hacks That Changed The World

From stealing billions to hacking the US military, these are 10 hacks that changed the world!

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14 thoughts on “10 Hacks That Changed The World

    1. ShortbusMooner bitch how is Paul manafort among others convicted of Russian interference Obama’s problem, they were appointed by trump during his campaign and were Republicans not democrats. Fuckin idiot I swear!! Go get an education in political science you dumb fuck

    2. ShortbusMooner Bitch do you pay attention to what’s going on in our nation today? Or is your head in deep piles of shit since you clearly don’t know about the Mueller investigation. What a retard you are

    3. Everything you have stated is absolutely negated, Corrine Vermette. You keep referencing fake news propaganda sources, and refuse to even take a gander outside your bubble. Your cognitive dissonance is astounding..
      ”Every single news source..’ ROFLMMFFAO!!
      Lady, you wouldn’t know a real news source if it smacked you in the head..

    4. +ShortbusMooner ….lol.. wow….just wow!! Aren’t you gonna be highly disappointed when the FBI arrests trump jr. and Trump Sr….Tony Pedesto has nothing to do with this investigation. In fact every single news source has reported Manafort has agreed to testify against trump, whether that be corruption, obstruction and treason, or all three. Again I suggest you Google Manafort’s Wikipedia page and see for yourself what kinda people trump aligned himself with.

  1. Until someone hacks student loan companies, I’m not gonna believe hacks that change the world, change our world fam, take out our student loan debt 😎✌🏼😂

  2. The Gox Hack is still believed to be an inside job and not really a “hack”, where someone just removed/moved the Bitcoin account to somewhere else, since Bitcoin itself cannot be hacked.
    And the thing with Stuxnet is that it infected the ENTIRE internet so it could them be inadvertly delivered to the Nuclear plants via data supports, since no hardline or wifi were available to a direct hack. The conspiracy says that even McAfee Antivirus, and others where warned by the US, NOT to stop this worm so it could spread easelly… But I like how he said “allegely” for legal reasons. lol

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