• March 26, 2018

10 Hardest Gaming Achievements

Completing that level you’ve been stuck on for hours or defeating that boss that just wouldn’t die is all good and well, but these challenges could take you gamer rage to new heights!

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15 thoughts on “10 Hardest Gaming Achievements

    1. “Now That’s Impressive” on Guitar Hero 3. Having to score 750,000+ points on a single song. I did this without any DLC, meaning that the only song you could possibly score this on (if I recall correctly), was Through the Fire and Flames on expert. Even then, you had to score a VERY high %age of notes. I think I hit somewhere around 95% on expert. The cut-off score for 5* for expert on Through the Fire and Flames was 576k roughly, showing just how much extra work you had to put in to get this achievement. I’m sad about the achievements on this list, though I don’t doubt they give you a great sense of achievement, most of them seem time based than skill based, and therefore I do not consider them hard, just requiring a lot of effort. Kudos to those who have them though.

  1. You have Mario Bros in your background, yet you failed to mention beating Mike Tyson in Punch Out, Ghost n Goblin’s, and Ninja Gaiden – Old Geezer

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