10 Hidden Signs You’re Going To Live Past 100 Years Old

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Want to be wrinkly and grey haired for the majority of your life? well here’s some signs that you could be just that!

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10 thoughts on “10 Hidden Signs You’re Going To Live Past 100 Years Old

  1. I swear this list is gonna make people who are angry that they are none of these things on this list seek out the people who are all these 10 things on this list and kick their asses until the person who is assured to live past 100 on this list can’t live past 100 as they would’ve been murdered before they got the chance.

    This list is gonna make the people who are on it think they are superior to the people who aren’t at all and next thing you know some poor guy or girl whose mother had them when she was 47 are gonna be beating up every rich positive volunteer out of hate they can’t have what that other person has.

  2. Does this video say that the average American watches five hours of television a day? What must that be doing to your brain? No wonder watching TV shortens your life. Are people so unimaginative that they can’t read, do sport, learn something, improve themselves, get educated, do voluntary work – or anything rather than watch garbage TV? This would be five hours of a living death.

  3. I hope none of these things are true, for me I like to believe life is mix and match and it is more random than anything that some people live longer and others don’t by random luck

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