• December 21, 2016

10 Holiday Gifts That Caused Riots

Welcome to Top10Archive! Can you believe that it’s almost that time again? Time to string up the lights, place the angel atop the tree, and steamroll your way through the lines at Wal-Mart to get this year’s must-have item. To kick off this holiday season, we’re shopping for the top 10 gifts that sparked holiday madness.

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10. Mr. Potato Head
9. Beanie Babies
8. Zhu Zhu Pets
7. Atari VCS
6. Xbox 360
5. PlayStation 3 / Nintendo Wii
4. Air Jordans
3. Furby
2. Tickle Me Elmo
1. Cabbage Patch Kid


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10 thoughts on “10 Holiday Gifts That Caused Riots

  1. I hate those fuckers that buy 10 of the hottest toys and then put them
    online for up to 10X the msrp. people did that with the original
    tickle-me-elmo and people paid upwards of $1000 for them. IDIOTS!

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