• May 10, 2017

10 Insane Military Operations That Could Have Changed The World

From The United States being invaded. . . twice, to Russia planning to wipe China off the map with nukes! These military operation would have changed history entirely.

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10 thoughts on “10 Insane Military Operations That Could Have Changed The World

  1. Imagine if the Germans invaded the eastern half of the United States while the Japanese or Russians invaded the western half of the country.

  2. What about War Plan Red? Where after Roosevelt came to power he was proposed with 3 war options. War Plan Red, Green & Orange. Red = Britain. Green = Mexico. Orange = Japan. If this had actually happened. WWII would’ve started earlier, but would’ve been Britain, Mexico & Japan (and probably France) VS the USA (and possibly Germany). This would’ve resulted in America’s defeat since America would’ve had to have fought on 3 fronts (North, South & West). Germany would’ve still invaded Russia resulting in Germany’s defeat also. The treaty would’ve probably have been:

    Russia regaining Alaska. Mexico regaining its former territory. Japan gaining what’s left of the west coast of the USA. Canada gaining some states on the border. And Germany being spilt into 3 occupation zones (British, Russian & French) and Poland gaining the territory east of the oder-neisse line (just like in our timeline). So If this happened… the Cold War would’ve been interesting…

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