• August 10, 2019

10 Insane Theories About Area 51

Ahh Area 51, a place of mystery and intrigue that us mere mortals can only dream about… unless we choose to raid it of course, but honestly that just seems like an awful idea. ANYWAY – here’s the goss on some alien boys. This is 10 Insane Theories About Area 51!

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14 thoughts on “10 Insane Theories About Area 51

  1. so u mention element 115 but dont mention all the way back then even tho it was not on the element table he was correct about it it was descovered in 2015 i think it was

  2. No.10 should point out however (rather than leaving it cut off and misinformed) that Lazar’s credentials have since been somewhat validated after been found someone had been altering records in regards to his studies and past employment, that the element he claimed they discovered in fact does now exists on the periodic table, that site S4 is actually a sub facility a good long distance away from Area 51 that’s supposedly a camouflaged facility and that at the time of the claims of it’s existence were made calls to the base would confirm they did have a Site S4 unlike now where they will simply tell you “We don’t see an S4 on our maps.”

  3. I never understand why people keep thinking Area51 houses things that are so secrete that it being real it could change the world. People know Area51. They would have moved everything by now. And keep Area51 for secrets no doubt but it’s good to keep people’s eyes there than actually looking at places that actually has top secret shit.

  4. hate to burst your bubble but as somone who studies aliens and the like i highlly dobt you’ll find any exteraterestrial tech at the base now that the place is so public maybe back in Lazar’s day but by now its already been moved to someplace more secure such as Dulce Base or Area 52

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