• December 16, 2016

10 Inventors Killed By Their Own Inventions

Coming up with the invention is the easy part, making it work is when when things get tricky.

From the man who revolutionised the hot air balloon, to the genius who created the glider, AllTime10’s brings you 10 Inventors Killed by Their Own Inventions.

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11 thoughts on “10 Inventors Killed By Their Own Inventions

  1. Don’t think you can really say that the parachute guy was killed by his
    invention. Gravity killed him, he was just wearing his invention.
    If his parachute has caught around his neck and choked him then sure.

  2. Can’t you guys just put your top tens in the description like WatchMoJo?? I
    don’t feel like watching certain things that don’t interest me or already

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