10 Lies You Were Taught About The UK

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When people think of the UK, they often think of London, stiff upper lip and poor dental hygiene. But in many cases these stereotypes simply aren’t true!

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10 thoughts on “10 Lies You Were Taught About The UK

  1. You can always tell Brits apart from Americans, because Brits will cheer when someone accidentally breaks a plate in a restaurant, and the Americans won’t.

    Kind of makes you wonder why Greek restaurants aren’t more popular.

  2. How to sound British:
    “Dun know wagwarn mi yute u seen dat nigga on roads? Fuckin end the bastard.”
    Hello my younger. Did you notice that bad person in the streets? I advice you to teach him a lesson. I’m

  3. I’d rather someone just asked me what drink I want (I mostly drink water). I don’t like tea or coffee yet they’re the things that always get offered.

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