10 Lies You Were Taught About The USA

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We’ve all heard loads of stereotypes about Americans, but most of them are completely untrue. So sit back, relax and let us debunk 10 Lies You Were Taught About The USA

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15 thoughts on “10 Lies You Were Taught About The USA

  1. Ever thought the USA was a country of climate change denying, greedy red necks! Well you were told lies! LIES I tell you! Which lies were you taught about the US of A?

    1. Im american and i dont know what drugs your on that are strong enough to cover tax increase black lives matter transgender rights and and feminist anti trump riots……..but i want in

    2. nah you tend to pick it up when a man with a comb over and pedo stache says theres free candy in a white van, then your neighbor billy disapears

  2. As a American I mainly see fit people, to see a overweight or obese person is very rare. Its the damn southerners giving us all the bad names.

  3. I hate people who flat out deny all stereotypes. C’mon, we all know Americans have a very high percentage of obese people, don’t travel at all internationally except for if they’re immigrants, and it is centered around money. If you just say the opposite you’re making yourself look like a fool.

  4. As far as the gun ownership results go, this study does not account for the number of criminals who own guns. The data in this video seems to be taken from officially registered individuals and those WILLING to participate in data collection. It’s not accurate enough and this is how stereotypes are created. Criminals don’t follow gun ownership laws. Most of the guns they owned are stolen or purchased under the radar.

  5. 2:22 so one in five people owns a gun, that’s even more than i thought to be honest. of course *nobody* thinks that literally every american owns a gun, but this percentage is still super high.

    so yes, i still think americans are gun crazy… even more so now actually.

  6. I think number nine on the countdown is just a funny statistic considering you didn’t count all the illegally owned guns

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