• May 11, 2017


Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! Throughout history, the field of medicine has gone through major changes. There was once a time when pain management was nothing more than a bottle of alcohol, but now we have pills and ointments to ease discomfort. As the years continue to pass, we can expect to see even greater improvements, like those listed in this Archive of the top ten futuristic advances in medicine.

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10. Electronic Pills
9. In Silico Clinical Trials
8. Personalized Medicine
7. Medical Tricorder
6. Nanomedicine
5. Augmented Reality
4. Virtual Reality
3. 3D Printed Organs
2. Organ Cloning
1. Cryostasis


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14 thoughts on “10 MIND BLOWING FUTURISTIC Advances In Medicine

  1. a lot of people say they would never do any of these things before dying but I guarantee you they’re young enough not to think about dying it now if they were on their deathbed maybe they would consider one of these options to live forever and when you’re on your deathbed the majority of people will do anything to live

  2. You forgot to mention that we are on track to have Ghost in the Shell level advancements in prosthetics and brain mapping by the 2029 setting of the original anime.

  3. I think freezing a human so they can come back yesrs later is not such a good idea. What if the people doing the freezing decide 2 take your and every1 elses vast amounts of cash, because we know this would be a rather expensive thing if you want 2 participate in, who would know if they took your cash and just buried you anyway, you certainly would have no clue. There is corruption even at the top rung of the society ladder, you hear about it all the time of huge companies being defrauded by their very own, so who can 100% guarantee you this won’t happen. No 1. I certainly would not like 2 work hard all my life 2 save 4 this then some fat cat just comes along and takes it all. I would rather, when I was still in the land of the living share out my hard earned cash 2 my loved ones and still be around 2 see them enjoy it.

  4. Doc: “Tricorder.”
    *Ensign Kim gives him a ‘Tricorder, which is not the one the Emergency Medical Hologram needs.’.*
    ” *Medical* Tricorder!”
    And I will use the Nanotech to enhance my body, but only slightly. Mostly help get rid of some excess fat and make my brain go for fitness-living…. I currently lack motivation to do it enough on my own. lol

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