10 Misconceptions About The Female Body

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Do women have Adam’s Apples? Do periods really sync up? There are a lot of misunderstandings flying about about the female body – that both men and women are guilty of believing. But what’s true and what isn’t? Alltime 10s is here to help you sort the fact from the fiction.

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11 thoughts on “10 Misconceptions About The Female Body

  1. Aaabout the last one, i beg you to differ,

    i mean we all saw the *”overused ones in our secret times”* and you can clearly tell, that it does stretch, and become loose, Just saying.

  2. I cant believe people thought they peed from their vagina. I always knew they had a pee hole, even when I was like 7 . Admittedly, though, I did think it was between their vag and their butthole..

  3. why can’t people just be accepted for who they are or want to be i mean so what your transgender so what your gay so what your not sure abt your gender

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