• September 2, 2016

10 MOST AMAZING Underground Cities

Welcome to Top10Archive! All around the world intricate underground dwellings, businesses, and recreational spaces exist for a myriad of reasons. Whether created in a time of crisis, to give residents a place to eat, sleep, shop, and live life without dealing with the elements, or for complex hidden passages to evade enemies, these ten underground cities are the most amazing subterranean spaces you will find.

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10. Seattle Underground, Washington
9. Setenil de las Bodegas, Spain
8. Wieliczka Salt Mine, Poland
7. Underground City, Helsinki
6. Coober Pedy, Australia
5. Kariz-e-Kish, Kish Island, Iran
4. Burlington Nuclear Bunker
3. Derinkuyu, Turkey
2. Dixia Cheng, Beijing
1. Montreal’s Underground City, Canada (RESO)


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11 thoughts on “10 MOST AMAZING Underground Cities

  1. But seriously though, underground cities are a good idea. They’ll
    especially be useful in the far, far future. Of course they’ll have to be
    weary of things like earthquakes, and other dangerous forces of nature.
    Which would be harder to escape from than if they were on the surface.

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