10 MOST AWKWARDLY Timed Sports Photos (Epic Fails)

Welcome to Top10Archive! In our prior installment of 10 perfectly timed photos, we focused mostly on snapshots that people could be proud of… but we realized there is an entire market out there for perfectly timed sports photos that are just plain awkward and humiliating. So, we’re back with 10 awkwardly timed sports photos!

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10. Bat to the Face
9. Head First
8. I’ve Made a Terrible Mistake!
7. Face Full of Ball
6. I Won?
5. Get Your Dive Face On
4. One for the Guys
3. One for the Ladies
2. I’ve Almost Got It!
1. Hole in One


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22 thoughts on “10 MOST AWKWARDLY Timed Sports Photos (Epic Fails)

    1. That… is a very good topic.. Frkin’ sad, but a good one! Gotta have Robin
      Williams on there too. Belushi, Chris Farley.. Lots of great comedians were
      extremely depressed actually..

    1. TheRichest doesn’t use clickbait? Wtf.. stfu… They are the ones
      responsible for pushing creators to use clickbaiting. Add “Talko” to the
      list as well.. probably the same company cause all of their videos are the

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