• July 6, 2018

10 Most Corrupt Countries

Shady dealing, bribery and extortion. Those are just a few of the various underhand schemes that are taking place in these corrupt countries

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15 thoughts on “10 Most Corrupt Countries

  1. Most Corrupt Government on the planet: USA #1! Most Racist muthafuckas on the planet: USA #1! Most Fat and obese muthafuckas on the planet: USA #1! Most Dirtiest Trigger happy Cops on the planet:. USA #1! Most Terrible school system on the planet: USA#1!!!!!!! Most Shit starting country in the planet: USA#1!!!!

  2. Not only the fact that they are the world’s corrupt countries, they are the countries which i rather not travel except like north Korea? Idk

  3. Why is the USA not on the list? After all, many of the countries on this list are able to be so corrupt because the actions of the US led to instability in those countries. The actions of the US in those regions, themselves made possible by corruption; Halliburton, GE, United Aerospace, Blackwater, the list goes on. China and Mexico should have been #1 and #2 respectively. The are certainly more stable than those on this list but the scale of their corruption far extends beyond. Perhaps this video should have been titled, Top 10 least stable Countries?

  4. Literally every single good thing you said about Maduro’s government is complete bullshit. It’s a dictatorship, all the family members that “hold positions of power” didn’t actually earn jack-shit.

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