10 Most Dangerous Tourist Destinations

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It’s summer holiday time, and we’re all looking forward to spending some time kicking back on beach someone.

But not every tourist destination is so safe and relaxing. From the deadliest climb in the world to an island of snakes, these are the world’s 10 Most Dangerous Tourist Destinations.

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15 thoughts on “10 Most Dangerous Tourist Destinations

    1. Been watching your videos for a while now and a few times I’ve questioned myself the information you share here. First of all Marawi is not a northern city, its southern. Second, its Maute Group not Abu Sayaff that is currently in Marawi city fighting against the government. Third, it is not extraordinary that the Philippine Army asked the US for help since we have an agreement with the US where they will help us in cases of terrorist threats. Fourth, you know what’s also at risk of volcanoes, earthquakes, and typhoons (not hurricanes cause those only exist in the Atlantic Ocean)? Answer: Japan. Fifth, gang wars aren’t that prevalent except in Manila which is the biggest metropolitan area in the country. The information you just enumerated on the Philippines just comes off as shallow as well as doing poor research. Please research the context first before enumerating everything here as if all the stereotypes that international media has been spouting is the whole truth.

    2. Brad, kng i kumpera mo ang mga tourist attraction ng visayas sa mindanao, ilang island hopping pa ang kailangan ng mga terorista kahit sa Cebu, Palawan, at Bohol. At karamihan sa tourist attraction ay binabantayan ng maige.

      Hurricane – sa Atlantic Ocean nagawa

      Typhoon – Pacific Ocean

      Highschool lesson brad.

    3. Tad Gax Visayas is near Mindanao and some Maute members are already trying to pass it, so its still dangerous. And a storm’s term depends on its location, so its hurricane for them, typhoon for us.

    4. I might clarify a few things from Phil. Most tourist attraction are in Visayas (which is far from incidents other than scams). Almost every gang war occur only in Luzon (in Manila to be exact), in which Manila does not really have any attractions. And it’s typhoons not hurricanes.

    5. I’ m quite disappointed how this video portrayed the Philippines as a whole. Yes there is at the moment a war but it’s in the small southernmost part of the country, most of the Philippines is free from war. It’s like your implying that the Philippines is at constant chaos. Lastly set your facts straight, the rebels that the government is at war at the moment in Marawi is Muate Group not the Abu Sayyaf. This video is so misleading

  1. Not even us (Mexicans) go to Acapulco if you want to go to a grate beach in Mexico go to Playa del Carmen in Quintana Roo or go to any beach in that state

  2. this is a totally fucked up haha how in hell Philippines got included here? the war in marawi is contained in a very small area. and the likes of iraq, syria, NK and afghanistan are not included. philippines has less terror attacks compare to UK. smh

  3. Why descriminate our place? I live near the said place here in philippines. Theres still a lot of tourist here. Dont tell shits like that.

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