• May 18, 2019

10 Most Exclusive Clubs On The Planet

Humans live to fit in and often seek to be part of groups, even if subconsciously. These are the 10 Most Exclusive Clubs On The Planet.

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14 thoughts on “10 Most Exclusive Clubs On The Planet

    1. Next time try to leave your personal opinions on people out of it. It comes across as tacky and unnecessary in an otherwise good video.

    2. Please search this YouTube video.

      This is a video to deny the Koreans were slaves.  
      Testimony of Former battleship islanders


      Former battleship islanders”I was born there but l’d never seen houses with iron nars”

      Former battleship islanders”Iron bars? None.”

      Former battleship islanders”Japanese workers were also there and died as much as Chinese and korean workers. “

  1. theres no big thing in creating such exclusive clubs. just find a place, close the door tightly, and hang a HEFTY over the top price tag outside. the moment you got 5 rich farts having paid up and spreading the word, tadaaaaaaaaaa, you got yourself an elite members exclusive club. real rich fucks hate nothing more than things they can not buy or places they can not get into. just make sure it says in big golden letters, “ONLY FOR THE CHOSEN” and they’ll come.

  2. skull and bones are a CIA recruiting club. Don’t know about the tube, But some have said as a first year your put into a room where other members piss on you and through poo at you.

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