• November 11, 2018

10 Most Insane Coincidences Ever Recorded

From the Titanic disaster being predicted 20 years before it happened, to separated twins living identical lives… These are the 10 Most insane Coincidences Ever Recorded!

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15 thoughts on “10 Most Insane Coincidences Ever Recorded

    1. I can’t remember the whole story, but it involves someone being killed by a bullet lodged in a tree after it was blown up. The bullet originally entered the tree decades prior by someone trying to kill the same man.

    2. In México’s recent history there have been (among many others) two major earthquakes, both of them very catastrophic and specially destructive for Mexico City and some southern states costing many lives. One of them happened in 1985 and the other one in the last year. But both of them hit the exact same day September 19th, exactly 32 years of difference and those are the last ones that have cause some real damage in Mexico City, although it is a very seismic zone and earthquakes are somewhat common but fairly inoffensive (or that’s what we thought).

    3. That one night I brought home a girl after a party. When we entered my place, my neighbor opens the door and she recognizes the girl I was with. I was amazed and asked how they knew each other. It was awkward my neighbor replied: they were a couple once. I immediately replied: I didn’t knew you were a lesbian. She answered that it was an experimental phase in her life. Well long story short. it was a good night YA KNOW WHAT I AM SAYING? peace

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