• January 22, 2017


Welcome to Top10Archive! Water slides are the landmark of any good water park, but there typically isn’t much separating one slide from the next. If you’ve grown bored of the same tedious drops time and time again, you’ll want to pay attention. For this Archive, we’re unpacking the thrills and going to great heights for the top 10 most insane water slides in the world!

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10. Insano – Beach Park, Fortaleza, Brazil
9. Jumeirah Sceirah – Wild Wadi Waterpark, Jumeirah, Dubai
8. Scorpion’s Tail – Noah’s Ark Waterpark, Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin
7. Summit Plummet – Blizzard Beach, Orlando, Florida
6. Leap of Faith – Atlantis, Bahamas
5. Kilimanjaro – Aldeia das Aguas Park Resort, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
4. Verruckt – Schlitterbahn, Kansas City, Missouri
3. Master Blaster Water Coasters – Schlitterbahn, New Braunfels, Texas
2. The Cyclone – World Waterpark, Canada
1. The Royal Flush – BSR Cable Park, Waco, Texas


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10 thoughts on “10 MOST INSANE Waterslides YOU WON’T BELIEVE EXIST!

  1. I’ve noticed that you sometimes have similar content as the richest and
    that annoys me because I dont wanna watch the samething I wanna watch
    something new

  2. Man I would so ride these water slides and all their other predecessors of
    thrilling fun and daringness I’m such a thrill seaker I would take on the
    most dangerous water slide in the world

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