• October 9, 2016

10 Most Notorious Drug Lords

Crime doesn’t pay. Or does it? Alltime 10s brings you 10 of the most ruthless, blood-thirsty drug lords of all time, who ran international operations and raked in millions.

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9 thoughts on “10 Most Notorious Drug Lords

  1. A little bit of feedback:

    IMO these videos are just too long and drag on. The style of the regular
    Top 10s with the voiceover is great – short and sweet with enough detail to
    keep you interested. These “XL” videos are just a bit too much to keep my
    attention – I don’t want to sit here for 15 minutes to watch this, I wan’t
    something much shorter and concise.

    Hope the feedback helps because this channel has always been interesting
    and entertaining :)

  2. freeway Rick Ross didn’t buy anything from an undercover cop. it was
    planted on him and that’s part of the reason he was released from prison.

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