• August 31, 2019

10 Most Protected People In The World

Ahh The Bodyguard… hit movie, hit musical and hit soundtrack. These bodyguards, on the other hand, have to PREVENT hits on some very important/rich people. These are the 10 Most Protected People In The World…

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15 thoughts on “10 Most Protected People In The World

  1. Former model/actress Jean Lee who has net worth of $219 million is protected, she has two armed bodyguards in the car with her but two extra armed bodyguards that follow her in another car. Her driver carries guns along with other weapons like knives, the other driver is no different who drives the other two armed bodyguards. Jean Lee herself carries a Taser Pulse on her but other things in her purse from a stun baton to pepper spray, she got her first acting role on CSI Miami.

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