• April 6, 2019

10 Most Ridiculous Boycotts

People love a good boycott nowadays, whether it be burning your Nikes or kicking off about a sausage roll… Here are some of our favourites in 10 Most Ridiculous Boycotts!

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15 thoughts on “10 Most Ridiculous Boycotts

  1. The vegan sausage roll thing was hilarious and Piers is just an idiot and pretending to be sick on tv how ridiculous! He’s just an overgrown man child who needs to stay relevant

  2. I actually would be upset by the whole sugar tax thing, because of what the companies did in place of sugar. Sugar might not be the greatest for you, but artificial sweetners are straight up chemicals. I stick to real sugar whenever i can. Moderation of course, but at least we already know the long term effects of sugar. splenda is coming out as awful for you, and stevia, well thats just too new to even say yet.

  3. I love people like this cuz in their warped minds they actually believe if they boycott something (They’re making a huge difference) everyone will follow and their voice will be heard (For once in their life). Um no, cuz many won’t care and they’ll be laughing at you making you feel worse than you already are

    “Let’s get together and boycott this franchise, that’ll show them we mean business” weeks later business is booming “Well that didn’t work like I hoped it would FML!”

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