• August 28, 2017

10 Movies Banned For Ridiculous Reasons

Plenty of films have gotten the axe for excessive sex and violence over the years, but you’d be surprised just how petty censorship can get. Here are 10 Movies Banned for Insane Reasons.

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10 thoughts on “10 Movies Banned For Ridiculous Reasons

  1. The thing with Gal Gadot is that the didn’t ban the movie just because she’s Israeli, it’s because she actively supports the Gaza occupation, including use of force.

  2. “it wasn’t” ghost busters deserved everything it got, you dumbass. It was a shameless cash grab. Even the director admitted the gender swap was a gimmick to get people in the theatre. Not to mention the movie sucked ghost balls

  3. You drag on these vids through hell. Make them short and to the point like TheRichest. There’s no reason for a top 10 video to take 11 mins…

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