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Welcome to Top10Archive! People that pass violently and suddenly are often said to become vengeful in the afterlife and left with very clear and dark unfinished business – to pass their eternal misery onto a member of the living. For this installment, we’re investigating 10 unbelievable cases of murder that were blamed on the paranormal.

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10. The Asheville Filicide
9. La Cross River Drownings
8. Paula Anderson
7. Talisay City Shapeshifter
6. The Exorcism of E’Dena Hines
5. Carl Pruitt, the Ghost that Killed
4. The Bell Witch
3. The Widow Ghost of Tambon Tha Sawang
2. Elisa Lam and the Cecil Hotel
1. The Amityville Horror

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18 thoughts on “10 MURDERS Linked To The SUPERNATURAL

    1. Top10Archive I love your vids and ur voice your voice make them what they are they do have good content but that voice makes them imagine being ur wife and in the middle of the night u saying I love you in tht voice I’d run out of the house lmaoooo I look forward to them keep it up love from N. East England

  1. Wow! even The Talisay shapeshifter case huh?😱😱👹 its actually true…👿😈my family’s been hunting shapeshifters or “aswangs” before or maybe until now.

  2. I believe that Morgan Freeman’s granddaughter was either murdered or she was a blood sacrifice, nobody exercises evil spirits with a knife that’s not part of any exorcism I’ve ever heard of, you exercise with holey articles & faith ,she was murdered plan and simple.

    1. I certainly don’t believe Catholic exorcisms employed the use of daggers (‘least not that I’ve come across), but Buddhists were known to use the Kila, which I guess was more like a stake than a knife. Though I’m not 100% on whether it was ever used on the subject or believed to hold the spirit at bay once exorcised.

      That being said… Satanists do employ the use of daggers, but I’m going to go ahead and assume they’re not big on demonic exorcisms.

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