• August 3, 2018

10 Myths You Still Believe About The Dark Web

The Dark Web is often considered a murky and even evil place. But are these conceptions even true?

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15 thoughts on “10 Myths You Still Believe About The Dark Web

    1. Dark web / Deep Web

      What people think = full of child pornography, live rape videos, child mutilation gore videos, cute animals get crushed by boots, people selling illegal drugs.
      What actually is = Pirates Paradise (where you can find any pirated software, movies, games, or any other copyrighted contents)

      of course there is a scary and evil stuff in the dark web, but dark web are not all about it.

  1. For anyone believing the red room is real; it’s not, it would be impossible to stream through tor due to such high traffic, plus people within a radius of approximately 15 metres would be able to view it if somehow you were to make it work. You can turn on flash player but the fbi or any other organisation would track you in no time. It’s far too complicated to stream a red room without being detected in some sort of way and being able to grant access to specific people around the world

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